1941 Stinson 10A Project For Sale $12,000

1941 STINSON 10A N31556, SN 7778. This airplane has had a considerable amount of restoration work done to date. Following is a list of work completed. Airframe had 2269 hrs. before restoration began.

  • ALL control surfaces rebuilt, new ribs, new trailing edges. Wings, vertical stab, & all control surfaces (rudder, elevator, flaps &ailerons) have been covered-All new control cables have been installed. The Poly Fiber (Spruce Specialty) system was used throughout.
  • Fuselage, & vertical stab have been rebuilt as required & need to be covered
  • Horizontal stab center plywood upper skin was removed to check condition of the spar. The spar was perfect & signed off as so & recovered with aircraft grade birch plywood with fabric over the wood
  • Seats have been covered in leather, including rear jump seat & inside cabin walls & doors. New headliner is wool. The cabin floor has new wood. New brake cylinders installed. Cleveland brakes & wheels. Two sets of wheel pants, an ELT, hardware, original 10A manuals & miscellaneous materials included with log books. The work was inspected by an IA as it progressed. He is available to discuss the work if the buyer wishes.
  • The 90HP Franklin engine has been rebuilt by Snavely (in Florida) & has 0 hours. It was recently inspected by an AI. The bores were bright. Logbooks airframe & engine are complete. This is documented in the engine log book.
  • Hundreds of hours of restoration work done to date.
  • TT 2269 hrs.
  • Located at Wetumpka, AL airport 08A, in central AL.

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